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To be successful real estate professionals to must keep track of the required activities in your real estate business plan.

CreateAPlan has incorporated an Activity Log for you to track the Activities and Appointments you have completed towards meeting your Income Goal.

There are several components to the Activity Log section:

1) Weekly Activity Tracker Worksheet: This customized worksheet will be emailed to you each week detailing what Activities you need to complete to stay on track to meeting your goal.

  1. You can print the Worksheet out and record the Activities and Appointments that you have completed for the week.

  2. Click here to see an Example

2) Enter Data: Each week as a real estate professional you should enter your totals from the Weekly Activity Tracker Worksheet into the Enter Activities section of CreateAPlan
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3) Activity Notification: The system can email each real estate professional their respective Weekly Activity Tracker Worksheet, as well as notify you when you forget to enter your Activities and Appointments and finally the system can be setup to send your Mentor, Coach or Manager an email listing the results of your previous week’s Activities and Appointments. You can opt-out for any of these notifications. This is a perfect way to work with your Mentor, Coach or Manager to help build your business.
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4) Quarterly Report: Tallies all your Activities and Appointments for the Quarter
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5) Year-To-Date Report: Is the crux of the Activity Log and answers questions for real estate professionals. Important items include;
    a. How many pieces of mail must I send to get:
         i. 1 Appointment?
    b. How many Open House events must I do to get:
         i. 1 Transaction?
    c. How many Appointments from referrals to get:
         i. 1 Transaction?

Click here to view an Example

  Use the Activity Log to hone your Personal Marketing
  Activity to those that are most effective for you.

   Note to Real Estate Professionals:
   If you have further questions do not hesitate to call
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