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What is My UserID and Password?

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After Making Changes and Updates Why Do Numbers Not Seem To Change?

Check your web browser's Temporary Internet File (or cache) settings.
From the Internet Toolbar, Click Tools, Internet Options, Settings.
Make sure the Every Visit to page option is selected.
User must Apply Changes and exit Internet Browser completely.
Re-enter CreateAPlan and check to ensure changes have Updated.
You still need to Save changes if you want the changes to be permanently saved.

Internet Options

I Have Gone Through the Wizard. What's Next?

There are three steps involved in this answer:

  1. Review and finalize the Plan portion of your business plan.  Key Points:
    1. Number of Closed Listings and Buyers
    2. Overhead Per Transaction
  2. Business Development section
    1. Sources of Business
    2. Contacts per Appointment
    3. To Accomplish Your Goal, which is a reality check of your business plan
  3. Start recording production under the Actual Tab
    1. Expenses
      1. Item-by-Item or in Total
      2. Record by Category
        1. Personal Marketing
        2. Business Overhead
        3. Other
        4. NOTE: Transaction expenses recorded with each transaction and not in the expense section
    2. Transactions
      1. Record Closed Buyers
      2. Record Closed Listings
      3. Record Terminated Transactions
    3. Miscellaneous
      1. Record Referral Fees Paid
      2. Record Referral Fees Received
      3. Record Other Income Items
    4. Activity Log
      1. Each week record
        1. Activities
        2. Appointments

I have gone through the Wizard and Nothing Appears on Plan Summary. What Do I Do?

Usually there is a data-entry error in one of the following areas:

  1. Commission Structure (tiered only)
    1. No gaps between tiers
    2. No empty tiers
    3. Final (bottom line item) tier must have information

  2. Projections Assumptions Page
    1. Make sure Top line is Income goal AFTER EXPENSES, some agents enter their desired Gross Commission Total before expenses which is incorrect.
    2. Make sure Average Listing Commission is Total Charged not just your side
    3. Make sure Mandatory Transaction fees are listed on a per transaction basis.  Do Not Annualize numbers for this field.
  3. Expense Transaction Page
    1. Make sure expenses are entered on a Per Transaction basis verses trying to annualize the numbers

My Overhead Per Transaction Seems Excessive or Low. What's Wrong?

Overhead will have three components, check each one.

  1. Projections Assumptions Page
    1. Examine assumptions made for percentage of transaction that close.  If this number as a percentage in lower than 70% than agent should re-examine this number.
      1. Example:  If number entered is 65% in both fields, than the user is telling the system that it should assume that 35% of listing or ACCEPTED sales contracts do not close and should add expenses to allow for these terminated transactions.
  2. Expense Tab
    1. Personal Marketing
      1. Look at Distributions Per Year field, do not multiply the numbers out,  instead  just let the system make the calculation
      2. Look at overall numbers to make sure user did not make a data-entry error
    2.  Overhead Expenses
      1. Make sure these are Annual numbers, not per transaction numbers or per month numbers.
      2. Examine numbers for data-entry errors

Where Do I Find Numbers on Contacts Per Appointment?

There are no standard numbers.
Here is the best way to handle this section:

  1. Focus on quantifiable numbers
    1. Open Houses
    2. Floor Duty
    3. Geographical Farm
  2. Work with your manager or mentor for their experiences of such numbers
  3. Use your own experience.
  4. NOTE: As you record your Activities and Appointments in the Activity Log you will create your own matrix of Contacts per Appointment

My To Accomplish Your Goal Seems Un-Realistic? What Do I Do?

Three areas to examine

  1. Projections Assumptions Page
    1. Item Appointments needed to obtain one Listing or Buyer
  2. Sources of Business
    1. User is attributing too many/few closed transactions for a particular source
  3. Contacts per Appointments
    1. User is accessing too many/few Contacts to get one Appointment some users might enter Contacts per Transaction instead of PER-APPOINTMENT

Does CreateAPlan integrate with QuickBooks, Peachtree or any other accounting software?

No, however if you are using one of these programs simply enter your totals for Personal Marketing Expenses and Overhead items. Users may enter totals by Month or by Quarter. Transactions need to be entered through Createaplan because we require different information than accounting programs. 

Learn the why-what-how in 90 minutes

Just in time for the 2015 Planning Season, RealtyUOnline (ww

As an agent and trainer for the largest RE/MAX franchise in Denver, Colorado, business planning has always been a priority. Personally, CreateAPlan keeps me focused on the activities that are the most effective for me. The system also allows me to check my progress at any point-in-time. As a trainer I strongly encourage all of my students to "get-focused" on their business by using CreateAPlan, in fact we have a section in out training program devoted to the subject.
Wayne Herman
Broker Associate, RE/MAX Alliance

w.realtyuonline.com), the online education arm of the RealtyU® Group, Inc., announced today the release of a new online course for real estate agents namely – Business Planning- Purpose Driven Real Estate Planning for Successful Agents. .

Silver -For Agents and Sales Associates

CreateAPlan Silver is the original agent-centric version created specifically for use by real estate agents. The program is focused on building a modifiable individual business plan for a real estate agent conducting residential real estate. The plan focuses on three parts; Building the Plan, Business Development and Activity and Production Tracking. The plan has functionality that enables the agent to receive weekly notifications of the activities required to meet their income goal, these emails may also be sent to additional parties at the agent's discretion.

GOLD - For Brokers and Managers

The CreateAPlan Gold is an extension of CreateAPlan Silver. The Gold Version has certain additional functionality such as agent account access, default data setup, locking features and reporting. This allows Brokers and/or Managers to access agent accounts and add or delete any information with the exception of the password. Reporting aggregates agent data in the following formats: the business plan, open listings, agent activities and appointments, sources of business and agent plan versus actual.

PLATINUM - For Company Owners

CreateAPlan Platinum is designed for the Broker/Owner to assist in designing a business profitability plan for the company/office. Examine and adjust Commission Structures, Revenue and Fees charged to the agents. Run profit scenarios examining the impact on the bottom line in changes in Agent Production and Home Prices. Recruiting Analysis section to see the impact of recruiting different types of agents during different times throughout the year.

Latest Enrollees

Real Estate Business Planning for Agents

“Real estate agents are great at setting goals but weak at getting there,” Allen Wright of CreateAPlan said. “Agents need a roadmap that will guide them towards their goal otherwise the majority unfortunately fail,” he said. Thanks to the Internet, CreateAPlan, the only business planning system specifically designed to create business plans for real estate agents and brokers, now makes business planning as easy as email. Real estate business planning is no longer a time consuming paper driven exercise but a quick easy web-based process.

CreateAPlan can in less than 30 minutes provide any agent with their own personalized real estate business plan that identifies, the number of required transaction needed, a weekly To-Do list for what must be accomplished in order to meet the user’s income goal, a five-year projection on revenue and expenses, and a calculation of the overhead per transaction. Since launching the business planning software two years ago the company has already helped thousands of real estate agents increase their productivity and become more successful.

Business planning should however not be a winning strategy of a few elite agents,” says best selling author and RealtyU® CEO, Stefan Swanepoel, “but a cornerstone of every agent’s business.” The importance of planning and drive of the real estate brokerage industry to become more professional has resulted in CreateAPlan partnering with RealtyU®, the nation’s largest career network of real estate schools and trainers in the country, to roll this service out to all REALTORS®. For more information visit CreateAPlan (www.CreateAPlan.com)